Kelly Friesen, ThM

Kelly Friesen is a Neuroscience Coach, Educator, Minister, and Mentor, on a mission to help people shift their thoughts, renew their mind, and succeed in life and leadership.

About Kelly

Kelly Friesen is a Certified Neuroscience Coach, Ordained Minister, and founder of The Contend Project. She specializes in coaching leaders (people of influence) to gain clarity, unpack strategy, and develop a higher mental vantage point; empowering them to break limits and increase their unique influence. Her mission is to help people shift their thoughts, renew their mind, and succeed in life and leadership.

As founder and author of The Contend Project she actively mentors, teaches, and encourages those in their own pursuit of God; activating and empowering them in their gifts to bring revival to their own sphere of influence.

Kelly has successfully ministered healing, deliverance, and freedom through the blood of Jesus to thousands. She has also provided wisdom in seasons of change and uncertainty, and coached clients to debunk and reframe their thoughts so they can develop a successful mindset. Her training in brain science gives her an added advantage in helping individuals gain the tools they need to walk into freedom.

Her previous experience as a lead pastor, church board member, and her involvements with local and global churches have given her a diverse and insightful perspective; extending across denominations, cultures, ages, and vocations to identify and activate purpose in individuals and organizations, thereby impacting cities and regions.

Kelly holds a Master of Theology (ThM) from MSU College of Theology (NCCT) and is an ordained reverend with CMM World Missions where she also sits on The Council of Issachar. The Council is comprised of select five-fold ministers who actively intercede, prophesy, and bring transformation while shepherding ministers and missionaries around the globe.

She received her neuroscience training from OptiMind Neuroscience Coaching & Training Institute (ICF recognized training institute) where she earned her Certification in Neuroscience Coaching & Leadership with specializations in Neuro Relationships, Neuro Health, Neuro Education, Neuro Entrepreneurship & Neuro Spirituality.