Dr. Kelly Friesen is a Minster, Theologian, Coach and Consultant whose primary goal is to help people live out their purpose. As a Certified Neuroscience Coach, she empowers people to break limits and increase their unique impact through personal coaching and her Aligned with Purpose program.

She is expanding her work on Neurodiversity and the Church's Response through book(s), training programs and consulting to advance healthier approaches, equality, equity, and dignity for all neurotypes within the church.

With a lifetime of serving Christ and 20-plus years of church leadership positions, training and equipping the church, including experience as lead pastor and board member, she has tens of thousands of hours serving individuals (both neurotypical and neurodivergent) corporately and one-to-one through inner healing, deliverance, spiritual guidance, coaching and consulting. As a five-fold minister, she continues to be sought out for training, equipping, coaching and consulting.

Dr. Kelly lives in the Manitoba Prairies with her husband, daughter and elderly Maine Coon cat. She is available for online coaching, consulting and training and can be reached by email at [email protected]. Visit her website at www.kellyfriesen.ca for more information on coaching, consulting, courses and neurodiversity.


Further details for your information:

Dr. Kelly Friesen, DMin

Ordained Minister of the Gospel (Reverend) - Christ's Mandate for Missions and Correll Missionary Ministries

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) from CMM College of Theology

Dissertation: Neurodiversity and the Church's Response

Warrior for Justice Award from Doctor of Ministry Faculty

Master of Theology (ThM) from MSU College of Theology (NCCT)

Certified Neuroscience Coach - OMI | CCE - recognized training institute with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Certification in Neuroscience Coaching and Leadership with specializations in Neuro Relationships, Neuro Health, Neuro Education, Neuro Entrepreneurship, and Neuro Spirituality.

The Council of Issachar Member – CMM World Missions

"The Council of Issachar members are select senior CMM five-fold ministers meeting regularly to intercede and prophesy (1 Cor. 14:3 encouragement, exhortation, edification) bringing transformation into individuals, ministries, 'now' issues, regions, and governments. These anointed/battle-tested Fathers and Mothers shepherd our CMM Missionaries and Ordained Ministers serving globally with wisdom to develop mature, fruitful leaders, healthy families, and vibrant fellowships."

Neurodivergent – "Nothing about us, without us."

Actual multiply neurodivergent professional with over 50 years of bridging the gap between neurodivergent and neurotypical through personal and professional experience. 

Website: www.kellyfriesen.ca

Email: [email protected] 



Dr. Nancy G. Daniel - Academic Dean, CMM College of Theology

“Kelly Friesen is gifted and skilled with wisdom in many areas. She has the ability to discern situations and people and help them grow in the potential for which they were destined. She is sensitive yet confident, honest and relevant. These traits are hard to find in one person. It is evident that her love for people is a driving force that is a powerfully amazing game changer for her clients.”


Dr. Jorge Parrott - President, Christ’s Mandate for Missions and President, CMM College of Theology

“Kelly Friesen is amazing in her spiritual gifting and being right where the Lord wants her to be, even in a season of transition. She is always seeking to go higher in the love being poured through her from above. Kelly is sensitive, completely trustworthy and a superb listener. She always has those she is counseling or ministering to in her focus, to see them achieve their highest potential and fulfillment. She encapsulates sharp discernment and skill to see the solution, even when others may not see it “in the thick of things” going on in life. I highly recommend Kelly for whatever ails you. She will keep your best interest front and center, in love and absolute professionalism, leading to your breakthrough.”


Darren Plett - Lead Pastor, Pleasant Valley Church

“Kelly Friesen … You will be met with a caring smile and eyes that look far beyond the outward. An air of peace and calm, and a perceptive and loyal spirit will soon be evident as you continue to connect. That will be followed by a growing awareness that here is a woman who understands and lives in the assurance that she is a valued child of God and that she loves, believes in, and listens to the Holy Spirit in her life.”


Tony Froese - Pastor, New City Church

“I’ve had the privilege of witnessing Kelly’s gifts of encouragement in operation. Confidential and considerate are just some of the leadership qualities she consistently practices. I have referred and will continue to refer others to Kelly. I would highly recommend her services for any coaching, personal assistance or growth needed.”


Julie Smude - Pastor & Teacher, YWAM Thailand

“I had the privilege of meeting Kelly while in graduate school. The first thing I took note of was her ability to bring truth with power and clarity. Kelly is rooted and grounded in love and makes Jesus the center of all she shares. It is refreshing in this time of instant gratification to find a woman of faith who has slowly simmered in God’s word. I often think of Kelly when I read the words of Psalm 62:1 “I stand silently to listen for the one I love, waiting as long as it takes” …. (TPT).”


Dr. Evans Powell - Pastor, Charles Church Christian Life Center

“I spent two consecutive years with Kelly attending theology classes together and I found her to be a woman of faith, who is filled with hope and vision. Her conduct and her words edify those in her presence.”

Statement of Faith

Rev. Dr. Kelly Friesen