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The Contend Project exists to inspire, strengthen, activate, and provide community as well as mentorship to those in their own pursuit of contending for the heart of God.

Kelly Friesen is passionate about equipping the body of Christ and seeing Believers walk in the fullness of God. In recent days, God's message came to her with clear direction, “I have called you as Elijah to produce Elisha’s”. Though this is not a new calling for her, the impact of it hit her at her core as the reality of the new assignment began to unfold with great clarity. She takes seriously the mission of producing present-day Elisha’s.

Whether you are in the business sector, workforce, full time ministry or know you are called to make a difference, you are meant to live a supernatural life. You are called to walk in the miraculous in your everyday!

Join Kelly in The Contend Project as she guides you along in the journey of living as a present-day Elisha, in a real, raw, and unedited way. Get behind the scenes and connect with her in community through an exclusive member group.

As a member of The Contend Project you will receive mentorship, inspiration, and activation as she teaches and imparts to you all that she knows and has operated in throughout her years of ministry. Receive stirring and activation in your calling, as well as gifts, which will bring revival to your own sphere of influence.

Membership will provide you with convenient access to all past and ongoing project content, including workshops, Q & A, written works, as well as access to an exclusive community group.

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Kelly Friesen, ThM

Kelly Friesen is an Educator, Minister, Mentor and NeuroCoach, on a mission to produce 100,000 present-day Elisha's.

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