Do any of these connect with you?

  • Are you tired of feeling like you are on a rollercoaster and want to break negative patterns and take ground?

  • Have you plateaued professionally and feel stuck getting to your next level?

  • Are you a leader looking for strategies to boost your confidence?

  • Do you need help recognizing what is holding you back from success?

  • Is your mindset “stuck in a rut” and you do not know how to change it?

You are unique and your journey and circumstances are as well. Therefore, my coaching utilizes multiple approaches to address each individual situation. Coaching will begin where you are at in your own personal journey, to help you manage your life better and reach your higher potential. I respect who you are; your skills, your creativity, and your innate ability, and use neuroscience as the enhancer, the catalyst to get you to your next step in your journey…your next level!

Often all it takes is a slight change of thinking to make a profound change in your trajectory!

Contact me today and let us get started on your next success story.


Shift Your Thoughts. Renew Your Mind. Succeed in Life & Leadership.

Kelly Friesen - Certified Neuroscience Coach

Kelly specializes in coaching leaders (people of influence) to gain clarity, unpack strategy, and develop a higher mental vantage point; empowering them to break limits and increase their unique influence.

Kelly provides one-to-one online coaching both in Canada and internationally. Coaching inquiries email: